2006 March 31
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March 2006

How Time Flies . . .

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Wow, I just got done posting to the exercise section of my blog. I just posted the results of today's workout. Yes I went to the gym. I realized the last time I posted to the Exercise portion of my blog was...

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Workout Results 3/31/06

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Here is the gym workout I completed today: Weight TrainingExerciseWeightRepsBarbell Bench Press115 Lbs8 115 Lbs8 115 Lbs8Pec Deck Flyes70 Lbs10 70 Lbs10One Arm Dumbell Bent Over Rows30 Lbs8 30 Lbs8 30 Lbs8 Wide Grip Front Pull-Downs100 Lbs10 110 Lbs10 110 Lbs10Machine Low Back Extensions140 Lbs10Crunches--20 --20 --20CardioExerciseDistanceTimeStair Climbing Machine1.56Mi (75 floors)30 min...

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