2006 April 07
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April 2006

Feelin’ Good!

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Well, it's official, I've made it a full week of working out. I went last Friday, Monday, Wednesday and Today of this week. I'm feeling pretty good about my progress thus far. I'm still a lot weaker than I would expect someone...

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Workout Results for 4/7/06

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Here is the gym workout I completed today: Weight TrainingExerciseWeightRepsBarbell Bench Press120 Lbs8 120 Lbs8 120 Lbs8Pec Deck Flyes70 Lbs11 70 Lbs11One Arm Dumbell Bent Over Rows35 Lbs8 35 Lbs8 35 Lbs8Wide Grip Front Pull-Downs110 Lbs10 110 Lbs10Machine Low Back Extensions150 Lbs10Crunches--20 --20 --20CardioExerciseDistanceTimeTreadmill1.85 Miles30 min...

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