2006 April 18
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April 2006

What slowdown?

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So there have been a lot of talks about the market slowing down of late. Well I'm here to tell you it's alive and well. Last Saturday I wrote a deal at Pennington, this Saturday I listed their home. This Saturday I...

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Workout Results – 4/18/06

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Here are the results from the gym workout I completed this morning: Weight TrainingExerciseWeightRepsBarbell Bench Press125 Lbs8 125 Lbs8 125 Lbs8Pec Deck Flyes70 Lbs12 70 Lbs12One Arm Dumbell Bent Over Rows40 Lbs8 40 Lbs8 40 Lbs8Wide Grip Front Pull-Downs115 Lbs10 115 Lbs10Machine Low Back Extensions160 Lbs10Crunches--20 --20 --20CardioExerciseDistanceTimeEliptical Trainer.34 Miles5 min (still sick)...

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