2006 April 28
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April 2006

Exercise Log 4/28/06

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Here is the gym workout I completed Today: Weight TrainingExerciseWeightRepsDuck Hack Squats190 Lbs10 190 Lbs10 190 Lbs10Lying Leg Curls75 Lbs13 75 Lbs1375 Lbs13Sitting Calf Raises290 Lbs13Standing Barbell Curls50 Lbs850 Lbs8 50 Lbs8Crunches--20 --20--20CardioExerciseDistanceTime Treadmill (Fast Walk/Jog)2.14 Miles35 min...

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What a difference a day makes

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As promised yesterday, below you will find some recent pictures of the house. It's coming together really nicely. They've put in the front yard landscaping and it looks fabulous! There are some nice trees, some rhododenderons, a dry river bed thing, some...

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