Almost 42 miles – Puyallup to South Prairie
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Almost 42 miles – Puyallup to South Prairie

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So this morning around 8, I met Chuck, Steve, Scott, Erick and Randy just behind K-Mart on River Road. The plan was to ride the Riverwalk trail over to Mama Stortinis, jog through Sumner and pick up the Orting (Foothills) trail out to South Prairie. This would add 5 miles in each direction to the ride, making it 40 miles instead of 30. Scott, Erick and Randy only planned to do the 3.5 miles from K-Mart to Mama Stortinis and back.

Having never ridden the Riverwalk trail before, we weren’t sure what to expect. It, like the Foothills trail is nice and level and paved. However, coming down to Valley Avenue (5th St) there was no clear indication where the trail went, so we ended up on surface streets to weave our way over to the blue “flash cube” buildings off Main street before we picked it back up again. Turns out what we did is the right course of action as the trail starts again there. They should post signs or something showing where to go.

Anyway, at Mama Stortinis, we said good bye to Scott, Erick and Randy and headed into Sumner. We weaved our way through Sumner and over to the Orting Highway. We followed the Orting highway to Military where we picked back up the Foothills trail. At the 10 mile mark, we arrived at the McMillan trail head. My left crank arm was loose, so we spent a couple minutes getting that fixed. When we got into Orting, at the Safeway, my lovely bride Teri was waiting for us and she joined the ride.

I don’t know what it was today, but I felt AWESOME! All the way out to South Prairie, we were cruising. Maybe it was the fact I drank two big glasses of water and had a Zone Perfect bar before I left, I dunno, but I just felt REALLY good! We rode out to the South Prairie Firestation and turned around and waited for Teri at the espresso stand we usually stop at. We kept waiting and finally I called her. Seems as though she had some mechanical issues too and was waiting for us down the trail. After a quick drink, we hopped back on and headed back. Teri was only about .1 miles away from us. I got her bike running again and we headed down. She was still having issues shifting, so we pulled over to the side of the trail and I at least got her bike in a moderate gear so she wasn’t spinning out all the way back.

At the McMillan trailhead, we said good bye to Teri and I again had to tighten my crank. Looks like it’s time for a trip to the bike shop for some tuning up and repair! We followed the foothills trail back to Pioneer and cut over to the Orting Highway again. Zig zagged through Sumner and back onto the Riverwalk trail. We finally got back to K-mart after nearly 42 miles on the trails. AWESOME ride! I think we’re going to make it a staple. And whenever they connect the two trails, that will be sweet. No more cutting through Sumner. Just one contiguous 20 mile trail.

Oh, and when we got back I was down to 305.5. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.

Below is a map of our ride. Click on it to go to Motionbased to get all the details.

Map of Puyallup to South Prairie
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