Blogging – An Online Journal? Hardly
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Blogging – An Online Journal? Hardly

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You know, when I started blogging so many years ago, it was an answer to my coach saying I needed to journal. The thought was that I was a geek and a blog was a sort of geek’s journal. As I blogged and blogged and blogged, I was content in the knowledge that no one was reading it. No one except those I gave the URL to. In fact my blog isn’t even linked from my home page. It was private. Or so I thought. Then one day a prospective client contacted me off my blog. It really threw me for a loop. I honestly didn’t know how someone would have found me through my blog. Since then, I’ve felt somewhat censored in what it is I write. Knowing that potentially someone may read it that I don’t want to read it, or not wanting someone to misinterpret what I’ve said. So while everything I post in my blog is a true account of what it is that I’m feeling, thinking or doing, there’s a lot I don’t put in here as well. I guess it’s time to dust off the ol’ journal and get out the pen . . . . [sigh]

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