Tour De Pierce 2008
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Tour De Pierce 2008

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So today, I joined Steve, Brandon, Chuck and Scott on the 50 mile Tour De Pierce bike ride. We did this ride unofficially last year, but this year we did it on the actual ride date. It was just shy of 50 miles, my GPS says anywhere from 49.11 – 49.3 miles depending on which report you look at. I felt pretty good for the entire ride. We did the whole thing in 3 hours 15 minutes (moving time) and just under 4 hours total. I still suck at hills. Last year I had to walk the two big hills. This year I stopped twice on one, but rode the whole thing. And on the other, I walked half and rode half. So I did better, but still ticked I didn’t ride them both.

I burned over 5,500 calories, Average speed was 15.2 MPH and my max speed was just over 38.0 MPH. (sweet) My average heart rate was 138. Other than the two big hills, the ride is fairly flat and it’s a good way to see a good portion of Pierce county.

After the ride, we stopped at the Powerhouse for some lunch. All in all, it was a good day, even if the mercury will top 90 today. It’s HOT! And it’s NOT a dry heat either! As soon as Steve e-mails some pictures, I’ll post them as well. There were three of us in FatCyclist Jerseys, which was kinda cool.

Here’s the official route:

Map of Tour De Pierce - 2008
Tour De Pierce 2008 Official Route
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