291 – 289.5
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291 – 289.5

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So haven’t written much since Tuesday. I’ve been sick with Cellulitis again. Tired of this crap. I was hoping that maybe with all the working out and losing weight that maybe, just maybe I could stay ahead of it. Monday night Teri pointed out my right ankle looked swollen (one of the first signs) and suggested that I start my antibiotics. I should have listened. But I don’t like taking antibiotics just for the sake of having something to take. Plus, my ankle could have been swollen for any number of reasons. So I didn’t. Tuesday night I came home and said “I have some bad news” and she replied “Your cellulitis is back huh?” . . . “ahyep”. So started on the antibiotics and off to the tub I went. I spent Wed – Fri between the couch, the tub, and bed.

One bonus is that I don’t eat during a bout of cellulitis, so at one point (Friday morning?) the scale read 289.5, I guess technically I hit my goal of being under 290 by August 24th. 🙂 As of this morning, I’m at 291.0 and I’ve been eating fairly regularly since Friday. So I’ll take that for sure. Hoping to be back in the gym by Tuesday.

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  • Dave | Aug 10, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    I’m sorry to hear about the cellulitis again, but at least you got something out of it.

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