Oktoberfest at the Puyallup Fair Grounds
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Oktoberfest at the Puyallup Fair Grounds

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Last night Teri and I attended for our first time ever, the Oktoberfest celebration at the Puyallup fair grounds. Now before you go off on me . . . yes, I know Oktoberfest is supposed to be in September. My thought is they can’t do it in September because the fair is there for most of the month. (Either that or they think that Americans are too dumb to know that Oktoberfest is in September). I had a great time. I’m not a beer drinker very often. I certainly don’t drink the bud lights of the world, but I do occasionally like me a good German beer.

After we arrived, I told Teri before we started in on the beer, I’d need to have a bite to eat. So I grabbed a plate of schnitzel, Spatzle and some stroganoff to top it off. Satiated for the time being, Teri went and purchased our steins. Now if I drink beer, it’s usually like a 12oz glass . . . this stein would have fit around my head I think! And filled up, it must have been easily 50oz of beer or more. My first stein was filled with Paulaner Hefeweizen, one of my favorites. We wandered around and watched people and played some games. We checked out the vendors and drank.

After our first stein, I grabbed a bratwurst. Then a second stein. Yikes. This was easily more beer than I had drank in over a year combined. The second stein was a nice amber. Not sure of the name, but it was pretty tasty. Then we went and played some Hammerschlagen. I came in a close second in my first ever game. I’ll have to practice for next year!

Overall, I think we had a really good time and I’d recommend it to anyone. We’ll likely go back next year.

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