So Tell Me Why? (or another iPod fawning post)
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So Tell Me Why? (or another iPod fawning post)

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So tell me why my iPod touch does so much better a job at managing contacts than my Windows mobile phone? I mean seriously. My WM phone has “Pocket Outlook” for crying out loud! The iPhone is a Mac for all intents and purposes and it does a FAR better job managing my contacts than even my phone does. They both sync to my Outlook. But here’s the key difference. My iPod syncs ALL the contact fields while my “Pocket Outlook” only syncs a select few.

For example, when I meet a new client, I put the husband’s cell phone in the Cell Phone field and the Wife’s cell phone in the “Other” field. Pocket Outlook won’t sync the “Other” field and there is no way to force it to. But the iPod syncs it by default. I haven’t even been successful finding a 3rd party application for a WM device that will sync all fields into my phone. And if I do, I’ll have to pay for it, probably upwards of $60.00. Rediculous. That should be a no-brainer, it should do that by default. Why should some dork at Microsoft get to decide which fields are important to me to sync to my phone? I REALLY want an iPhone now. [Sigh] Apple, for the love of god, please sign deals with other major carriers (please start with Verizon) to carry the iPhone. PLEASE?!

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