I Voted Today!
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I Voted Today!

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As Teri and I will be watching election results pour in from a pub in Ireland, it won’t be convenient to get out to my local polling place (Dang!) so I voted by absentee this year. It was kind of cool to sit there on the couch last night with my ballot in one hand and my voters pamphlet in the other. I dropped it in the mail this morning, so away it goes . . . the fate of our country was in my hands momentarily. 🙂 Are you scared yet? I just want to encourage everyone to get out and exercise your right to vote on Tuesday November 4th. Or if you’re voting by absentee, get those ballots in the mail before the 4th. Let’s make a difference people. AND if you haven’t registered to vote, it IS too late to vote in this years election, but not too late to register for upcoming elections. If you’re a Washington resident, head on over to: http://vote.wa.gov/ and register yourself. Only takes a couple minutes. You’ll feel better, I promise.

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