Starbucks and iPod Touch
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Starbucks and iPod Touch

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So last night I had to meet Teri and a friend of ours at a Starbucks. While we were waiting for Teri to arrive, I wanted to play with my iPod. I had heard there were some cool things with the Apple and Starbucks partnership. So I jumped on to the “attwifi” network when I was there. Now unfortunately you can’t simply surf the internet for free. But you can make it to certain sites for free. Like of course, But I knew there was something that you could do with iTunes too. So I jumped onto iTunes. Pretty sweet. Now there was a new icon at the bottom of the screen that looks just like the logo you see to the left. When you touch that logo, a screen pops up that shows you the song that is currently playing in the store. How cool is that? And of course, if you like the song, you can purchase it using your iTunes account right there at the store and take it with you. In addition, there is a recently played list showing you the last 10 or so songs that have played in the store. Really cool partnership. Now, if Starbucks would only offer free wi-fi, I’d probably learn how to like coffee.

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