1:30 AM
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1:30 AM

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I woke up this morning at 1:30 with my mind racing with all the things I have to do before Teri and I set out on our European vacation on Sunday. One thing we needed to do was to book our B&B’s in Blarney and Galway for next Tuesday and Wednesday. So I got up and got on the phone. It was after all, 9:30 AM in Ireland.

So when we arrive in Dublin on the third, we’re staying at the Airport Hilton, a nice place to just rest our weary bones after a full day of travel . . . 13+ hours of it in fact. The nice thing is that they have a shuttle to and from the airport, so we’ll be able to get up the next morning and get our rental car at the airport without too much hassle. Plus according to reviews online, they also have a grocery store across the street so Teri and I can stock up for our road trip around Southern Ireland.

On the morning of the 4th, we’ll pick up the rental car and make for Blarney and Cork by way of Waterford. We’ll be staying at the Ashcroft B&B in Blarney that supposedly overlooks the Blarney castle. Our friend Mark, an Irishman, says the best Guiness in Ireland is to be found at Blarney castle, so we’ll find out if that’s true. We’ll also visit the Wollen Mills and perhaps the Jameson Irish Whiskey factory.

On the 5th, we’ll head to Galway, where we’ll be staying at St. Jude’s B&B. No clue what we’ll be doing in Galway, but I’m sure we can find something of interest!

On the 6th, we’ll head back to Dublin and visit the Guiness factory and see the sights around Dublin. Not sure where we’ll be staying. If the Hilton works out for the 3rd, we may just book another night for the 6th.

Then on the 7th, we’re off to Scotland! On the 10th we’ll be off to Germany and on the 14th, we’ll be coming home. A whirlwind tour no doubt, but should be fun!

Oh and funny thing about calling Ireland . . . they all have Irish accents. Who knew?

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