The whirlwind continues!
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The whirlwind continues!

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So after Teri and I left Blarney, we made our way to Galway via Shannon and Bunratty castle. The drive was long, but the trip to Bunratty was well worth it! Bunratty, unlike Blarney is an intact castle and it was really cool to see a good idea of how people lived in midevil times.

Arriving in Galway, we checked in to our bed and breakfast and walked down to the water and hit yet another Irish pub. All the pubs in Ireland are now non smoking which is REALLY nice! We walked back to the B&B and checked movie times. We headed out to the theater and watched Quantum of Solace. Good flick, but it was bloody hot in the theater! I can’t believe the destroyed a perfectly good Aston Martin in the first 5 minutes!

In the morning after breakfast we drove back to Dublin. Don’t let the map fool you, driving across Ireland takes longer than you’d think. In the US we’ve built bypasses around small towns, but not in Europe! It’s kind of nice because you get to see a lot of small towns, but it takes forever to get anywhere!

Once we got back to Dublin, we headed to the Guinness brewery. Now I’m not much of a beer drinker and I’ve never cared for Guinness only having sips here and there. It was neat to see how it was brewed. Acted the tour you get a complimentary pint and I’m happy to say I finished the whole thing! I’m still not a Guinness drinker, but I made it through.

Next up was a trip to Trinity College to see the book of Kells. Very cool to see and the Long room in the library is amazing! We spent the next couple of hours wandering around Dublin around St. Stephens On The Green and their big shopping district. Then it was back in the car for a trip through hell! The drive from downtown to the airport is maybe 5 miles. It took over an hour!

After finding a room for the night we dropped of the car and instead of taking the shuttle back to the hotel, Teri suggested we walk. I think the walk to the hotel must have been close to two miles and oddly enough we could see it from the car drop off. We must have walked around the largest block in Ireland!

At 3:30 Friday morning, we got up packed and headed to the airport. A quick flight to Scotland and we were in Edinburgh! We checked in to the airport Hilton and hopped a bus into town. We wandered around Princess Street for a bit and looked at a bunch of Monuments. It still amazes me go old these places are! We headed across the North bridge and up The Royal Mile. We took a tour through St. Giles cathedral and a tour through The Scotch Whiskey Experience. That was really neat to see how whiskey is distilled and aged. Continuing up The Royal Mile, we ended up at The Edinburgh Castle. WOW! Amazing! This is by far the coolest castle I’ve ever seen. And the view of Edinburgh is awesome! Wd got to see the crown jewels of Scotland too! After the castle we wandered around for a bit more and finally hopped the bus back to the hotel. (After chasing it around Edinburgh for about an hour!)

Today we hopped a tour bus and saw a lot more of the city. We saw where they executed people and ended up near Hollyrood park. From there, we took a walk up to Arthur’s Seat, again what a view! We walked by The Palace of Hollyrood and saw the ruins of an Abbey. We made our way back around Princess Street for some dinner. I was bound and determined to try Haggis before we left Scotland, so tonight was the night! And you know what? I LOVED it! Now we’re sitting back in the lobby of the hotel enjoying some dessert. Tomorrow we’re off to St. Andrews and the birthplace of Golf. I can’t wait! The tour also takes us through the villages of Fife. Until I find wireless again, take care!

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  • kiltsurfer | Nov 10, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    Thanks for spoiling the movie before it even gets to the USA.

    Glad to see you are having fun.

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