We’re in Germany!
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We’re in Germany!

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So after we left the pub in St. Andrews, we went out to the old course just to say we’d been there. What a cool place! Just amazing to see places you’d only seen on TV! I’ve now walked where Tiger walked!

We left the old course and headed towards Stirling. We were going to visit the William Wallace monument, but it was getting late and the weather was nasty so we just drove by and snapped a pic. We ended up at Stirling Castle. I won’t say much about it because Teri and I were pretty disappointed.

We headed back to Edinburgh for dinner. Yesterday we spent a couple hours in the city and visited a museum before heading back to the airport for our flight to London and on to Frankfurt. BTW Terminal 5 at Heathrow is amazing!

Now we’re at some friends home in Heidelberg getting ready to go to a parade. Tomorrow I guess we’ll be in Wiesbaden.

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