Das Autobahn!
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Das Autobahn!

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Just a quick post today . . . after being up for about 24 hours yesterday flying home from Frankfurt, I’ve got too much to do today to even really think about blogging. BUT I do intend to do a brain dump complete with pictures of Teri and I’s European vacation. There is just one thing I wanted to blog about today. Das Autobahn!

So any red blooded Ameican male (and a few females) that has any sort of love for cars and going fast has dreamed of going full out on the Autobahn in Germany without fear of police (polizei) persecution. When Teri and I were in Frankfurt, we rented a Mini Cooper Clubman (it’s the extended version of the Mini Cooper). I wish it were the S model, but it WAS a manual 6 speed, which was nearly good enough. Teri drove down to Heidelberg and I got to drive from Heidelbeg to Wiesbaden the following day. Getting on the A5, the posted speed limit is 100 – 130 KPH depending on where you are, but NO ONE and I mean NO ONE does the posted limit. From Frankfurt to Heidelberg, Teri drove about 140 KPH (About 89 MPH). From Heidelberg to Wiesbaden, I drove on average 160 KPH (100 MPH) with burst to 170 or so. (I’ll post the pic Teri took of the speedo later) You know what? Even at those speeds, in the fast lane, I was the slow guy. I kept having to move right to let DELIVERY VANS pass! It was AWESOME! Had I been alone, I would have probably tried to top out the Mini at it’s manufacturer’s listed top end of 125 MPH . . . but I think Teri would have been a bit peeved at me. It was a BLAST! And I realized that I really do miss having a manual transmission car . . .

More to come . . . we’re home safe and sound . . .

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