Insomnia . . .
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Insomnia . . .

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About three times a year, I go through a horrible bout of insomnia. This last week has been one of those times. I do everything I can to relax. I try to limit my caffeine, I try to take long soothing baths, but nothing seems to help. For example, last night I was taking a bath and could hardly keep my eyes open. So at 10:40, I got out of the bathtub and tried to sleep. When sleep eluded me, at 11:30, I pulled out the iPod and played solitaire trying to get drowsy. The battery of the iPod died at 2:30AM. I think I finally nodded off sometime after 3AM. I was up at 7. And no, I wasn’t going shopping. I’m hopeful for sleep tonight. It’s been a good 7 days since I’ve gotten more than 3 – 4 hours of sleep at a stretch.

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