The iPhone is Hands Down The Best Business Phone I’ve Ever Used!
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The iPhone is Hands Down The Best Business Phone I’ve Ever Used!

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OK, I know I’ve been going on and on about my iPod touch the last month and a half or so. Well I loved my iPod touch so much, that I just had to have the iPhone. I mean my iPod did such a better job of connecting to e-mail, handling contacts and calendar events than my Windows Mobile phone ever did, that the thought of combining the iPod WITH a Phone, GPS, Bluetooth and AT&T’s 3G network was too much to pass up. And am I ever glad I made the switch! (I’m also glad I waited for the 3G iPhone rather than getting the 1st gen iPhone)

Why am I so enamoured with this little device? I don’t honestly know where to begin. There is so much I like about this phone and very little I don’t, I simply want to say “Just get one, you’ll be happy, I promise!”

OK, first up, my contacts are handled way better than my Windows Mobile Phone. The iPhone out of the box syncs more fields and details about your contacts than WM ever did. I couldn’t even find an add on product for my Windows mobile phone to do what I wanted to do and it had POCKET OUTLOOK for crying out loud!

Next, e-mail functionality on the iPhone is supurb. Connecting to my Gmail account and the Exchange server at work is a snap. Now when I’m out and about and I get e-mail at work, my iPhone beeps and boom, I can reply right there if I want to. (Yes, I could have set up my WM device to work like this too, but it certainly was not as elegant)

The Web browser is NEARLY as good as having a full fledged web browser on a desktop machine. The 3G network has proven to be plenty fast and most web sites load without issue. Many developers have even written iPhone specific websites so should you visit them, you’ll have the option of viewing the iPhone specific version OR their regular site. Very slick!

YouTube just works. Nuff said about that. But now when I’m doing a listing presentation for someone, I can SHOW them right from my phone what their video tour will look like. AWESOME!

Viewing PDFs is a breeze. Adobe Acrobat comes pre-installed, so viewing PDFs in an e-mail or website is a snap. It just works.

The App store. I could do an entire blog post about the App store alone. But I’ve downloaded a number of apps that I use everyday that cost me little to no money. I have a To-Do list, so if I’m sitting somewhere and think of something I need to do, I just create a to-do item. I have a voice recorder, so if I’m DRIVING and need to remember something, I just record a reminder. I have a mortgage calculator that just today, I was able to show someone how they could BUY a condo instead of rent one. I even update my Facebook status regularly. (And the games are pretty kick-a$$ too!) Seriously, too much to list here.

Bluetooth. The phone paired with my car in no time and even supports Phonebook import, so with a push of a button, I loaded all my contacts from my phone into my car’s navigation/entertainment system. Now I can look them up there OR on the iPhone whichever is more convenient.

iPod. Of course the iPhone is a full function iPod touch too. Nuff said.

GPS. Man this would have come in handy in Europe! Using Google Maps, now you have a functioning GPS right in the palm of your hands. I still use the Nav system in my car, but if I were in someone else’s car, this could come in handy!

I’ve had Palm Treos. I’ve had Windows Mobile Phones. I’ve had normal phones. The iPhone is by far the BEST business phone I’ve ever used. Some drawbacks: No MMS, so no sending pictures back and forth. But I assume that when enough people complain about this, Apple will add it in. The Auto-Correct is somewhat annoying until you get used to it. No Copy/Paste. This is a huge drawback and I hope they come up with an elegant solution to it soon. Steve complains about no Stereo Bluetooth, but I don’t use Bluetooth headphones, so it’s a non-issue for me. Hopefully they’ll correct that with a firmwear update as well.

The iPhone rocks, no doubt. And I was worried about AT&T’s coverage, but so far so good. I think I’ve only dropped one call so far. The service coverage is very good IMHO.

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