It’s good to have a well stocked tool belt
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It’s good to have a well stocked tool belt

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Last week I got a call from a client of mine. Her mother had just passed away and she was flying in from Phoenix to take care of the details. After expressing my sympathy for her loss, she mentioned that she’d become the executor of the estate and she and her four siblings needed to get mom’s house sold. She and her one brother wanted me to handle the transaction (I had previously sold both of their homes), but her siblings also knew real estate agents, etc. I said, “no problem, I’m happy to meet with them”.

We agreed to meet out there later that week (last Thursday) to do a walk through of the property. I got there about 30 mintues early (SEE! I’m usually EARLY!) and walked around the outside of the home making notes. Clean flower beds, touch up trim, pressure wash driveway, etc. They arrived a short time later and we walked through the house together. I pointed out the things I thought should be done, etc. At the end, we had a pretty comprehensive list of what needed to be done to get the home ready to sell.

At that point, they looked at me and said “How do we get all this done, we fly back to Phoenix tomorrow.” I said, “Don’t worry about it, I’ve got you covered. I’ll get my landscaper, painter, carpet guy and house cleaner out here to give us bids. I’ll e-mail them to you in Phoenix, you approve or disapprove them and we’ll get it taken care of. You don’t need to worry about a thing.” Later that weekend, I met with two of her sisters and a brother-in-law and walked through the home with them as well. (I secretly think this was the approval process for using me as a Realtor) Again, I assured them they didn’t have to worry about a thing, I’d handle it.

So today I got quotes from the landscaper and carpet guy. Tomorrow my painter and I are heading out. It just feels good when you can take the worry out of a stressful situation for people. AND it feels REALLY good that clients put their trust in you enough to 1) use you multiple times and 2) provide services for them knowing you’ve got their best interests at heart. My client did tell me that I’m “now a part of the family”. Her sisters and brother-in-law liked me well enough that they said they’d call me if they ever wanted to buy or sell too! Very nice!

I’ll let you know when the home goes on the market, but if anyone is looking for a GREAT rambler with a nice spacious open floor plan, do let me know. I’m happy to give you a tour!

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