Is that photo real?
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Is that photo real?

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I’ve been blogging lately about HDR photography, my latest obsession. The other day I had a professional photographer shoot one of the homes I’m listing and just had this interaction with an agent that’s showing it tonight:

“So do you have a ton of offers on this already?”

I said “Not a ton” (I’m not lying, zero is not a ton!)

She said “Well I’m going to get my clients out there ASAP to look at the home! By the way, the photo of the front of the home, is that real? Because it looks like a painting” . . . I laughed and said “No, that’s a real photo . . . it’s a technique called HDR photography” and went on to explain in brief detail what that was.

Judge for yourself . . . does it look real? Or just REALLY GOOD?


If you want to see more, head on over to John L. Scott and see for yourself what really good photography can do for a home . . . I’m VERY impressed:


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