| Will do IT for Food . . .
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Will do IT for Food . . .

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It’s a blessing and a curse being a geek sometimes . . .

Today I was sitting in the lobby of our office chatting with some colleagues when one whips out his brand new Treo and says “Hey John, can you configure this for me so I can get my e-mail on it?”

“Sure Kim, not a problem” . . . Treo now configured to get John L. Scott e-mail.

As another walks through and asks what we’re doing, I say “I’m holding an IT session here in the lobby, do you need your phone configured to do anything?” (Sometimes I just want to hit myself with a ball and peen hammer) he replies “Well you know, could you show me how to get on the internet and on the MLS website?”

So a brief demonstration of how the internet browser on a Blackberry works ensued . . . Followed by the PDA login site for the NWMLS . . . .

To Kim’s credit, he DID take me out to lunch . . .



AUTHOR - John Hurlbut

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