Elliptical Workout This Morning
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Elliptical Workout This Morning

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Having been cleared by the doctor (nurse) yesterday to start working out, we took Taylor for a walk. I didn’t wear the Garmin, but I’m assuming we did about 2 miles. (Taylor running up and down the trail probably did about 5)

I had planned to get up and go to the gym this morning and swim. However, I succumbed to the comfort of my bed and didn’t get up until 6:30. I briefly thought about ditching the workout all together, but we have a nice Precor elliptical trainer in the bonus room that doesn’t get used nearly enough. So I put on the iPod and the Heart rate strap and climbed aboard. Right now I need to measure my base level of fitness. How much have I lost not really working out in the last 10 months? So I went easy, 30 minutes with 5 minutes of cool down on the Random setting with the resistance set at 7. Here are the results:

  • 4,728 Strides
  • Average Heart Rate 135
  • Max Heart Rate 149
  • 34:28 in Zone
  • 571.4 Calories burned (probably more than I’ll eat all day!)
  • 2.62 Miles

Now I don’t think that’s too horribly bad. Compare that to the last workout I can find that I logged here (Feb of ’08 because I was really in the gym by then preparing for my first triathlon) and I’m not doing too bad.

Tri training has officially begun! I need all of your strength and encouragement to get me through the dull winter months . . . so if you don’t see much about me working out here or on Facebook, then by God give me crap about it!

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