Elliptical Workout 09/25/09
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Elliptical Workout 09/25/09

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I’m loving being able to work out! You just forget how much energy it gives you and how good it makes you feel when you’re sitting on the couch for 10 months thinking “I should be working out right now . . . nah, there’s another episode of Dexter to watch”. Which reminds me, I may call Comcast today and get another HD DVR for the bonus room so I can watch crap I have recorded WHILE I’m on the elliptical. That’s probably a worthwhile investment. Noted.

Here’s what I did this morning:

  • 4,936 Strides
  • Average Heart Rate 138
  • Max Heart Rate 151
  • 33:44 in Zone (forgot my HR strap for the first 30 seconds)
  • 559.1 Calories burned
  • 2.61 Miles

Pretty comparable to the one I did on Tuesday.

This weekend, either Saturday morning or Sunday mid morning, I want to do 30 on the bike. I’ll see who I can sucker into joining me …

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