For my 500th post, I’d like to thank . . .
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For my 500th post, I’d like to thank . . .

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It’s amazing to me that this is the 500th time I’ve posted something on this blog. After noticing last week that I was posting my 499th time, I’ve been reflecting on what should be my 500th blog post? Should I do a re-cap of the highlights of my 500 posts? Should I just post some dumb workout I’ve done? How about reflecting on life, the universe and everything? How about a little bit of all of it?

If you look to the right (if you’re in an RSS reader, you probably won’t see this) you’ll see my archives go all the way back to August of 2005. 4 and a half years posting to some website. In that time, there have only been 4 months that I haven’t posted anything. But at least one post every other month. I’ve always said I have a problem with consistency, but I guess this blog shoots that theory out the window. I can be consistent when I feel like it’s worth it. And for some odd reason, I feel like this blog is worth it.

The original intent of my blog was simply a place to collect my thoughts, maybe record a workout or two and keep track of my weight. It was also meant to be somewhat private. A few close friends would know it was there, but for the most part, it would be something I kept to myself. I found that was quickly not going to happen. When I started receiving comments and web traffic from all over the world (not consistently, but frequently) I realized it was no longer a private situation. I’d like to think that I didn’t change my posting habits as a result, but that would be lying to myself and you. I no longer put my deepest, most intimate thoughts here, I keep those locked away for only a chosen few, but I do express myself pretty freely here and let you see the good and the bad.

For example, you’ve gotten to see my weight in all it’s undulating and fluctuating glory. From my high of 356 pounds last year to my low of 275 pounds fairly recently. I’ve blogged about having weight loss surgery and the mental and physical implications of that. I’ve talked about triumphs and defeats in my business. About my joys and sometimes my dis-satisfaction in my personal life. My workouts have been detailed in excruciating detail at times, giving you charts, maps, distances and reps. I’ve shared my immediate and some of my long term goals. And through it all, people from all over the place have been nothing but encouraging. OK, there have been a few detractors, I won’t lie. For the most part, I’ve kept every comment ever posted, good or bad. With one exception, comment spam (I’m tired of WoW power leveling what ever that is and UGG BOOTS!). The comment spam has unfortunately lead me to disable comments on my blog. So I’ll miss your kind words of encouragement. But now with my blog getting pushed out to Facebook, my friends will have the opportunity to comment there.

So for my 500th blog post, I’d like to thank the Internet and the wonderful community of friends it’s helped to create and the friendships it’s helped to further. I can still remember wayyyyyy back in 1994 or so sending my very first e-mail to Scott at WSU. It was the first e-mail I had ever sent outside of Boeing and our little network. On a VT20 terminal emulator with phosphorous orange type that I’m sure gave me radiation poisoning. Coming from that world of sending purely text based e-mail to today and the amazing amount of ways we have to stay in touch with friends old and new, just staggers my mind. And to think, it’s really only a 15 year old journey now. Imagine what we’ll see in 2020 or 2030! Maybe by then you’ll be reading my 5,000th post?

Thanks everyone, so far it’s been an amazing ride! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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