The Funny Thing About Goals . . .
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The Funny Thing About Goals . . .

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So this year I’ve set a number of goals for myself, both professionally and personally. I do this every year. I write them down and occasionally I’ll even review them to see what I wrote. (Note to self: Set another goal to review goals frequently) I’ve tried to convince Teri that we should follow the Morelli lead and have a weekend away in January somewhere nice where we can talk about our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the year. As of yet, we haven’t done it. Although I think she’s starting to come around. I mean who wouldn’t want a weekend away with ME? Even if the main focus is goal setting, it would probably be in some romantic ocean side location . . . with dogs. I mean come on . . . ANYWAY . . .

This year I set a goal that reads:

By July 12th, 2010, I will have registered for, competed in and finished the Ocean Shores half-iron triathlon.

After doing the Seattle Rainman Indoor Triathlon yesterday, I don’t know how I can possibly achieve that goal. I think honestly by July I COULD get myself in decent enough shape to run/walk a half marathon. I just don’t know if I could do said half marathon AFTER swimming 1.2 Miles AND biking 56 miles. So the funny thing about goals is that they can be revised. So as of now, I’m revising my goal to read:

By July 12th, 2010, I will have registered for, competed in and finished the Ocean Shores Olympic distance triathlon.

I felt pretty good about my results in the indoor tri yesterday:
Swim: 15 minute pool swim, I set a goal to do 750 yards, I did 900.
Bike: 30 minute bike on a trainer, I set a goal to do 8.5 miles, I did 8.2. Although I didn’t know our transition time would be part of the 30 minutes, so I really only rode for about 25 minutes . . . I think I could have easily done the additional 0.3 miles in 5 minutes.
Run: One 2.8 mile lap around Greenlake. My goal was to do this in 31 minutes. I think it was close to 33 or 34 minutes, but we were delayed by a minute plus by police action. So I’ll call it 33 minutes.

Last week I ordered a book by Jeff Galloway on Running. I know I suck at Running . . . at least I do now . . . I used to be a fairly decent runner. I know two things about my running now if I want to improve. Getting the pounds off my frame will go a long ways. I need to increase my endurance. I know trying to push a 280 pound frame is going to wear down my legs a lot faster than a 220 pound frame or even a 250 pound frame. So I’ve got to start getting in the gym more frequently and REALLY starting to pay attention to what I eat and using the tools I have to get the pounds off.

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