Running Conditioning Is Improving . . .
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Running Conditioning Is Improving . . .

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This week I’ve been to the YMCA 4 times. Three of those times I ran on the Treadmill and one time was for a mile + swim workout. On Wednesday, I picked a cross country program on the treadmill and ran for 40 minutes or so. Thursday was the swim, 500 warmup, 200 kick, 500 pull, 200 kick, 3 X 100 sprints and a 100 IM or 1,800 yards. Friday I did the Runervals 2.0 workout. I still cannot do this workout in it’s entirety as designed unless I set my base pace at like 1.5 MPH. But I am doing the whole workout, just when it gets to a 5% incline at 5MPH above base pace, I’m at the 5% and only about 2MPH above BP. This morning, I went back to the Runervals 1.0 workout.

I set my base pace at 4.0 MPH and the first set was unbelievably easy. So for the remainder of the workout, I was at 4.5 MPH for my BP. And on the sets where it started increasing incline, but NOT BP, I increased my BP anyway. And finishing the sets at 7.5MPH at 3% incline were hard, but certainly not so hard they were not doable. So at this point, I’m feeling pretty darn good about my running. And I think it’s helping my cycling too. At least I feel good with all the compliments I’m getting from the boyz after a 30 mile ride. Don’t know how complimentary they’d be after a 50 – 70 mile ride, but hopefully this summer we find out.

Hoping to get a few more Lbs off before Teri and I head to Vegas in the first week of May . . .

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