P90X – Day 1 – Core Synergistics
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P90X – Day 1 – Core Synergistics

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OK, this P90X thing? It’s no Bulls**t! I don’t know if you’ve seen the infomercials like I have and thought “Yeah, but does it really work?” Well today is day one and I can’t tell you for sure that it does, but I can certainly see that if you did this program for 90 days, your definition of “work” will certainly change. This one day of P90X is as hard as any workout I had with my personal trainer when I had her last year. And I can see that after doing this for a few weeks that there is no doubt that I would be stronger. No question. The losing weight part, yeah that’s probably gonna be a check too, but that counts more on what I do OUTSIDE of P90X than within the program.

For example, yesterday after my run at the YMCA, Teri and I went to see The Amazing Spiderman, during which I consumed an entire LARGE tub of popcorn and s super huge Coke. Teri said “You just ate all that, you’re not going to be hungry for dinner”. Nope, wrong again. I had a nice piece of Salmon and some spinach salad from Costco. (BTW, if you’ve never had either Costco Salmon or their Spinach Salad, you are REALLY missing out!!! They’re both scrumptious!)

OK so after my run yesterday I wanted to weigh myself and see where I was at . . . 294. This morning after P90X, I wanted to check in again. (Please see the above paragraph for the inane amount of food I consumed between the run and the end of P90X) 291. Yes, I consumed probably THOUSANDS of calories and lost 3 pounds. (OK OK, I know it was mostly [all] water weight, but still!)

So now combine P90X with a sane person’s eating plan and I can see where the people on the infomercial actually do completely transform their lives in 90 days.

Core synergistics as you can imagine focuses on your core strenght, lots of various kinds of push-ups, super mans, lunges, squats, rolls, all kinds of craziness. Just shy of an hour of craziness in fact. Tomorrow is Cardio X. Sorry to disappoint everyone, no photos today. I forgot to load my camera with film (memory card). So hopefully in the next day or two I’ll get my “before photos” uploaded. But wowser, this is going to be amazing if I stick with it.

Life’s a journey not a destination…

So just push play . . . and Bring It!

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