The people at Beach Body are Sick ….
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The people at Beach Body are Sick ….

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I don’t know why the people at Beachbody want to collect pictures of mostly naked fat people, but they do.

OK, so I’m giving you fair warning. If you’ve recently eaten and you want that food to take it’s natural course through your body, you may want to stop reading this post now. No seriously. What follows are pictures of a mostly naked fat guy. That guy is me. Food is not supposed to make a U-Turn and exit through the same orifice in which it entered, which is likely to happen should you continue on with this post. Yes, I know what you see right now are cute puppy pictures of Taylor Jane and her siblings. But honestly I put those there so you wouldn’t see what follows them. You actually have to SCROLL down to see what follows puppy pictures, and if you ACTUALLY do that, well then don’t bitch at me and say you weren’t warned. I mean really, I’m NOT going to buy you dinner after you lose yours because you said “Really, how bad can they be?” or “John wouldn’t post something THAT disgusting on his blog would he?” If you actually scroll down, that’s all on you buddy, I will not be held responsible for what follows.

What follows cute little puppy pix are my “before” shots for P90X. And I really hope I stick with it because do you know how hard it is to smile for the camera when you know what you look like in the mirror. Without clothes? OK intertubes, here you go. You’ve been warned. (This is sure to get my subcriptions to drop, both of them I’m sure)









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