P90X Lean – Day 6 – Kenpo X & Week 1 Wrap Up
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P90X Lean – Day 6 – Kenpo X & Week 1 Wrap Up

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Well, I did it! I finished my first week of P90X! Saturday’s workout was Kenpo X, which is a bunch of Karate type moves. Punches, blocks and kicks. It’s going to take me some time to get used to doing this routine for sure!! Other than a brief stint in Karate when I was nine, and being kicked out along with David Little for giggling everytime our Sensei spelled the style of Karate we were practicing (shit-o-ryu), I’ve had very little experience with martial arts or fighting of any kind. Trying to do a jab, cross, uppercut and do it fast wasn’t easy for me. Then a Ball kick, side kick and back kick were equally as challenging. I’m sure a video of me attempting Kenpo on YouTube would go viral as “super uncoordinated man”. But I certainly was sweating by the end of it, which I think is pretty much the point.

Having gone through:
Core Synergistics
Cardio X
Arms & Shoulders
Yoga X
Legs & Back
and Kenpo X

This week, I would rank them in this order from easiest to hardest (This is for me, your milage may vary) Arms & Shoulders, Yoga X, Kenpo X, Cardio X, Legs & Back and Core Synergistics. (NOTE: Legs & Back and Arms & Shoulders are both followed up with Ab Ripper X, which for 16 minutes is probably THE hardest workout for me, but it’s not a full workout and it’s what made Arms & Shoulders and Legs & Back that much harder.

So this week starts that same list of workouts all over again. This week I’ll work on perfecting the moves, or rather getting the combinations down. On some of the workouts where I feel like I COULD have used more weight or resistance, I will. I also picked up a “power tower” this week in order to do pull-ups. That should make Legs & Back even that much harder. I will not blog after each workout this week unless I have some keen insight about something, or some breakthrough that I hadn’t expected.

Finally I wrapped up the week with a run tonight. It was a treadmill run, but a run still the same. Today was supposed to be my “rest” day. But it’s supposed to be an “active” rest day. The problem I’m having is that while I want to incorporate P90X into my daily routine, I STILL have a 1/2 marathon to train for in December. Which means I should be doing two short runs during the week and a longer run on the weekends. So my plan is to on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons, get a short run in after doing P90X in the morning. And then on my “rest” day, get my long run in. Yes, I realize that if I follow the P90X program as intended, this means I will LITERALLY be working out 90 days in a row. Well lets hope THAT makes a habit.

I HAVE found it easier to jump out of bed and just push play than it is to think about getting up, going to the gym, or even getting up and heading out for a run. I’m really hopefull that I’ve FINALLY found my solution to getting in shape and losing the last 50-90 pounds I want to lose.

Tomorrow: Core Synergistics – Week 2 begins!

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