P90X Lean – Week 2 “Complete”
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P90X Lean – Week 2 “Complete”

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So I just got done with Kenpo X, which means that week 2 of P90X is complete. I’m proud of myself! I did skip Yoga this week, but mostly because by the time Yoga had come around I had worked out 10 or 11 days in a row and Yoga is an hour and 30 minutes long. Yes, just excuses, but they’re mine and I’m holding on to them. Since Monday I’ve stayed in the 280’s all week and if I can control my eating this weekend I think I can be 287 ish by the time I’m done with my workout on Monday morning. Unless something drastic happens, I doubt I’ll be under 280 by my birthday. (By drastic I mean that I actually figure out how to eat properly and undo nearly 42 years of bad habits) But I really think under 285 – 283 is doable.

Tomorrow I’ll head to the Y (or maybe test my hip on the roads) and do a treadmill run of 5-ish miles. Monday I’ve got a doctor’s appointment and will get back on the ol’ P90X horse then. Next week will be my last week of this routine. Then it’s a “recovery” week (recovery=lots of yoga) and then on to a new routine for phase II.

I definitely feel stronger than I think I have in I don’t know how long. After the Arms & Shoulders workout I walk around all day feeling my arms. Love that feeling!! (Hey, I’ve never really had any muscle definition so to think that I may actually get some out of this is pretty cool!)

Anyway, feeling good!

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