How Much Weight Have You Lost?
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How Much Weight Have You Lost?

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Well,I guess I can say that P90X is doing something…already. It’s been just over two weeks on the program and despite my failings in diet, I can tell that my body is changing. I keep feeling my arms and shoulders and actually impressed with what I find. But today, I had no fewer than three people either ask “How much weight have you lost?” or tell me “I can tell in your face that you’re losing weight”. Definitely a good feeling! It’s odd, because really my answer is “about 7 pounds” which in the grand scheme of things is just over 2% of my body weight. But hey, I’ll certainly take it. My focus cannot waiver however. I have a tendancy to rest on my laurels … once people start telling me I look good, I figure “good enough” and I cannot let that happen this time. This time I need to press through. Knowing that I only have 11 pounds-ish to go to my low weight is very encouraging. I can’t wait to see the 2 followed by a 7 on the scale. That may sound hideous to most of you, but I’m very excited to see it again!!!

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