289.0 – Europe Bound
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289.0 – Europe Bound

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So this morning, Chuck and I rode our normal 30 on the Foothills trail. We actually made pretty good time (for me) finishing it in 1:54:04. After I got home, I weighed myself . . . 289.0! SWEET! A week ahead of where I wanted to be. Now maybe I can hit 288 or 287 by next Sunday.

Yesterday I was online researching airfare for Teri and I’s upcoming European vacation. Turns out I have enough frequent flyer miles for one round trip ticket to Europe, so in essence we can fly round trip to europe for half price as we only have to purchase one ticket. So the plan is to leave Seattle on the 30th of October and fly to Frankfurt, Germany. On the 4th of November, we plan to be in Cork, Ireland so Teri can kiss the Blarney Stone on her birthday. We’ll fly out of Dublin, Ireland or Edinburgh, Scotland on the 10th of November and back to Seattle. What happens between all of that, we have no clue. Our plan is to meet with a Rick Steve’s travel consultant to find out what we want to do in Ireland and Scotland while we’re there. We do also know we’ll be visiting the Guiness factory. I may have to acquire a taste for Guiness between now and then. 🙂

This should be fun . . . we haven’t been to Europe in 9 years since we went to London . . . Click Link for our trip report (before there were blogs). I had an amazing time in England and I can’t wait to see Germany and try out my 2 years of High School German . . . deine mutter ist eine Tankstelle (your mother is a gas station) should go over really well there . . . I would really like to see some of France while we’re there, but I don’t know that we’ll have time . . . . I’d especially like to visit Paris and go up in the Eifel Tower and visit the Louvre . . . too many countries, too little time. Sticker shock will set in when we realize that a Subway sandwich costs 12 bucks! It won’t be a cheap vacation, but it will be a BLAST! Expect to see a few photos here when we get back!

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