Sometimes I hate Technology . . .
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Sometimes I hate Technology . . .

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So last week I posted how I got my new HD-DVD drive for my Xbox 360. The picture from it is fantastic! However, I’m watching DVD’s in 1080i and not TRUE 1080p resolution. So I feel like I’m missing out. The issue is to get 1080p, you need two things . . . an HDMI connection from your source . . . and an HDMI input on your display. While the Xbox has an HDMI output, my TV is only rated for 1080i and therefore, no HDMI input. [SIGH] So I’ve been pondering the purchase of a new TV . . . I’m a Mitsubishi fan . . . and have been eying the WD-57833 57″ rear projection 1080p DLP set . . .

20071029-WD-57833Mitsubishi WD-57833 57″ Rear Projection TV

Because of our entertainment center and it’s big size . . . we don’t need a fancy plasma or LCD TV to hang on the wall. A rear projection will be just fine and many reviews show the picture quality to be better on a rear projection than on a plasma or LCD anyway. The TV is $2,499 at Crutchfield. So much for my huge savings on my HD-DVD player.

Now I’d love to clean up the mess of cables behind my stereo rack, but to do so would require a receiver also capable of HDMI, so that means upgrading my receiver too. [SIGH] I’m a fan of Sony Receivers, but my buddy Ken is trying to convince me that Yamaha is the way to go. I’ve always wanted one of Sony’s ES line of receivers, so I’m looking at their top of the line STR-DA5300ES . . . $1,699 at Crutchfield. [SIGH]

20071029-STR-DA5300ESSony STR-DA5300ES Home Theater Receiver

I’m sure I could get both for less somewhere else . . . but still I’d be looking at $4,000 just to upgrade my receiver and TV. Which I guess when you think about it, is less than I paid for my last TV . . . A Mitsubishi 46″ Rear Projector that I paid I think $5,000 for . . . I could probably sell my TV and current receiver on Craigslist and get maybe a thousand of that back . . . maybe . . . Sometimes I hate technology . . . Or rather, I hate that I always have to have the latest and greatest of everything . . .

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