Keepin up with the Jones’ . . .
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Keepin up with the Jones’ . . .

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[SIGH] I’m an impulsive geek, that’s one thing for sure. Once I start getting in my head that I want something, it usually won’t be long before I have it. However, now that I’m married, I at least discuss it with Teri first. 🙂 So you’ll remember a couple posts back I mentioned wanting a new TV and receiver. Specifically the WD-57833 Mitsubishi TV and the Sony STRDA-5300ES receiver. Well today I ordered a new TV and receiver from Crutchfield. I ended up not going with the Sony receiver, I went instead with a Denon receiver. Specifically the AVR-4308CI. After reading reviews, deciding on what features were really important to me, and finally convincing myself that I wanted a true pro-level receiver the 4308 sounded like the best option. So specifically for me it has:

  • 4 HDMI inputs (Perfect for X-Box 360, Cable Box, an eventual Blu-Ray player and one extra for future expandability)
  • Video upconversion to 1080p for legacy sources
  • HD Radio tuner (I’ve been dying to have an HD radio tuner)
  • Wireless network connectivity for easy firmwear updates and streaming music from a server
  • XM Satellite Radio ready (Teri and I both have XM in the car, so it would be nice to have a third at home)
  • Bazillions of other audio/video connections (see pic below)
  • 2nd Zone (and actually FOUR zone) output for our whole house audio system
  • PLENTY of power, like 140W per channel to really drive the home theater experience
  • All the latest audio decoders like Dolby True HD, etc.
  • WAY more than I care to list here!

Long story short, it will be a fantastic receiver for MANY years to come and offer the expandability to grow with my needs. Coupled with the new Mitsubishi TV, the Xbox HD-DVD player, an eventual Blu-Ray player, etc. My home theater will have never sounded or looked better!

20071107-4308_frontDenon AVR-4308CI Front View20071107-4308_backDenon AVR-4308CI Rear View – Click for Larger Image

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  • TLH | Nov 8, 2007 at 7:21 am

    I learned a very long time ago why stand in the way of Boyz and their toys.. Girls typically can reap the benefits! Thanks for the new sound system and TV Honey! 🙂

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