With Every Great Achievement There Should Be Reward . . .
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With Every Great Achievement There Should Be Reward . . .

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OK, I guess I’m in a blogging mood today, but this hit me while I was in the shower. SO, here’s what I’m putting out there. PENDING Wifely approval, when I get below 300 pounds, I want to reward myself by purchasing a 2008 Fat Cyclist Jersey. Fatty in conjunction with Twin Six just released the new design and I love it. I want one. I doubt he’ll be making XXXL versions, so I’ll buy an XXL version and hope that by the end of cycling season (maybe the Dam2Dam!?) I can fit into it comfortably. OH, I might buy a T-shirt too . . . and maybe a water bottle . . . Here’s the jersey (Sorry Fatty for stealing your pictures, but I’m trying to get you more sales, I promise . . . please oh please Fatty, don’t sue. Just look at how many times in this one article alone I’ve linked to your site. That should be worth something right?)

2008 Fat Cyclist Men’s Jersey – Front
2008 Fat Cyclist Men’s Jersey – Back

Furthermore . . . Teri, set a goal, I don’t care what it is . . . when you hit it, I will buy YOU a 2008 Fat Cyclist Women’s Jersey. Please note that a portion of all proceeds from sales of Fat Cyclist paraphenalia are donated to helping Fatty’s wife Susan fight cancer. So it’s a good cause, and a just reward for achieving your goals.

2008 Fat Cyclist Women’s Jersey – Front
2008 Fat Cyclist Women’s Jersey – Back

For those of you that do not read Fatty’s blog and are into cycling, I HIGHLY recommend it. His posts are often humorous and even occasionally contain some cycling information. 🙂

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