Is it a scent I give off?
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Is it a scent I give off?

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Seriously, what is it? For whatever reason when I’m trying to get out of town, my phone blows up and I’m so crazy busy I can’t even see straight, let alone think straight. Tomorrow morning at 6:30, Teri and I will be (along with 21 others) on a plane headed for Puerto Vallarta for a friend’s wedding. Starting yesterday, all hell broke loose. I’ve got two transactions that are scheduled to close while I’m gone and trying to get all the minor details done that normally would get done over the span of 3 or 4 days, in 1 or two days is always fun. Then I had to show homes yesterday to two different clients, both of which think they might want to write offers on one of the homes they saw. And finally, I got called by a new referral that wants to meet tonight at 4:30 and go see a home. (Thanks Scott!) Believe me, these are all good things. It means I’m busy, it means that my business is working, and will be working while I’m gone, but it’s just so dang hectic and stressful. I guess it means the vacation will be all that more relaxing? I hope so.

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