SMFH Workout Last Night
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SMFH Workout Last Night

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So last night I was feeling somewhat better and Teri and I headed to the Y for a workout. As I had just run the day before, I didn’t want to run again, but wanted a good leg workout. So I hit the Stair Machine from Hell. I decided to take it up a notch and set the level at 6 for 30 minutes. My previous high was 5. And so I started climbing. By the time my 30 minutes was up, I had climbed 112 floors and gone 2.35 miles. My average heart rate was in the 150’s, so I know I was working good. I joined Teri on the track for a couple of laps and that was that. I don’t think I’m going to make it there today, I’m still feeling crappy . . . better, but crappy.

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