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Woke up this morning expecting to see over 300 on the scale again as Teri and I had Thai food last night. High in salt, so I figured for sure I’d be holding onto some water weight at least. But after weeding in the yard for an hour or so, I weighed myself and I was down to 298.5! Sweet! Also, Teri and I went to Kohls last night looking for some new dress slacks for me. I tried on the size 40’s in Dockers and they fit! Those are a full 4 inches smaller in the waist than the ones I’m wearing now. Unfortunately they didn’t have the right length, so I’m still without new better fitting pants, but I’ll likely order some online today. That means there is a good chance I’ll fit into my size 38 jeans now. (For some reason my jeans size is always 2 inches smaller than my slack size, even though both my jeans and slacks are made by Levi’s??) I think there is a good possibility that I will be at or below 295 when the triathlon comes up in 15 days!

This morning in Mens Health, I read about a guy that was 6’1″ tall (same as me) and weighed 290 8 months ago. He’s now down to 210. Reading those little tidbits every month gives me hope that I can do this, that I can finally beat my weight and keep it off. Steve has been a big inspiration for that as well. I think he’s down 60 or 70 pounds from his high and has done a good job of keeping it off for the better part of a year now.

Today is hydrate day. My goal is to drink between 5 and 7 liters of water today. The Tour De Pierce is tomorrow and the forecast is for bright sun and 90 degree high temps. We’re starting at 8AM to have the better part of it done by the time the temps get too high, but still by the time we’re half way through it should be in the upper 70’s to low 80’s. EEEKS!

Update: I was just going through some of my blog posts from last year. Starting in March and going through about July. I was picking out weights that I had posted and updating the Daily Plate so I could see how my weight has fluctuated over the past year. I noticed something as I went through (besides how damn cute Taylor was as a puppy!) the posts. I set a some goals last year that either I hit, or I have a good possibility of hitting. One was to make $50,000 the last half of the year last year. Bringing my total commission to $125K for the year. I did that. Sweet. AND the other goal I set was to be under 290 pounds by Mastermind this year. As I’m at 298.5 today, I think there is more than a strong possibility that I’ll be under 290 by August 21st. I’m not going to Mastermind this year, but I know when it’s happening, so I know I can reach that goal too.

While this blogging thing isn’t much a replacement for journaling, IT IS a really cool way to see where you’ve been and where you’re going.

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