My Workout and Hulu
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My Workout and Hulu

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So this morning I set my alarm for 5:30AM. Yes. AM. On. A. Saturday. I headed for the gym. Now other than one or two workouts, Teri and I have been absent from the gym sinice the Triathlon. Fortunately I haven’t gained but a pound or two since then, but I know that if I’m not back in the gym on a regular basis soon, that will change. So I was in the gym at 5 minutes to 6 and on the treadmill by 5 after. I ended up running about 2.75 miles and doing my normal lifting workout. A good hour workout and headed home.

Now I’ve REALLY been thinking about the Olympic distance triathlon I want to complete next year. This is odd for me. Usually when I say something like “Oh next year I’ll . . . ” I don’t think about it until NEXT year. But since the Tri, I’ve really been stoked to figure out if I have what it takes to do an olympic distance. I’ve been considering hiring a personal trainer as well. I really need to get some weight off my frame (hoping another 30 pounds by next July) and get my legs in AWESOME running shape. As has followed in the past, if I’m in AWESOME running shape, I’m in AWESOME shape period. I need to figure out how to move my body 10 Kilometers in the swiftest of fashion. It’s been nearly 20 years since I’ve run that far and I’ve never run that far after swimming nearly a mile and biking nearly 25. So I’ve got to be DIALED by next Summer.

I’ve just been dinking around in the weight room, doing exercises I’m familiar with. But my core REALLY needs some help. I don’t expect to ever have a 6 pack, but I would like to gain a LOT of core strength between now and then. And I think having someone to guide me 2 or 3 times a month and gauge my progress would really help. I just don’t know that I can afford it right now. But if I’m going to do the Olympic tri, I don’t know that I can afford NOT to do it either. Ahh, a problem to solve! I guess that’s something to think about on the treadmill eh? 🙂

NOW, I don’t know about you, but finding good quality entertainment on the internet can be a challenge. Finding good quality entertainment on the internet for FREE is even harder. But I ran across a site a few months ago and only recently just hopped back on. Jump over to and check it out. I think it must be a partnership with NBC or something. Most of the shows are from NBC or FOX, but there are FULL LENGTH HIGH RESOLUTION (480p) episodes of shows like Monk, Psych, Family Guy, Burn Notice, etc. available there. There are even FULL LENGTH HIGH RESOLUTION (480p) movies available too. When I’m out at site and bored, the time can go by pretty slowly. Yesterday I watched one of my favorite movies, The Fifth Element, and an episode of Family Guy while I was posting my new listing on line. Today I watched an episode of Monk while I sent my clients new listings that popped up into their MLS searches.

AND watching all this content is absolutely free. And Legal. There are SHORT commercials scattered throughout the shows, but they’re usually 15 seconds or less. Which brings about an interesting question. Would we skip commercials if they were only 15 seconds? I know I probably wouldn’t bother. My crappy Comcast DVR wouldn’t stand for being fast forwarded for such a short period and I’d spend more than 15 seconds trying to get back to the point where the show resumed. But when you’ve got 2 or more minutes of commercials to watch, it’s easy to skip them. Maybe this is a clue for the networks. Add a couple commercial breaks, but shorten each break to one 15 second commercial and I think you have a much better chance of the commercial ACTUALLY being watched. Just a thought. Especially when TiVo and the like have invested lots of money in creating a 30 second skp button. Cut the commercial to 15 seconds or less and you render that button USELESS! Take that little bouncing TV guy! (Don’t get me wrong, I miss my TiVo dearly, I’m just jealous)

OK, time to get back to the Big Lebowski at Hulu!

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