All geeked out on bluetooth again . . .
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All geeked out on bluetooth again . . .

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This weekend I was at Best Buy. The scroll wheel on my laptop mouse has been dead for awhile now and I’ve been looking for a replacement. As I was looking at mice, I came across a couple of Bluetooth mice that seemed interesting. The problem is that they’re fairly expensive. Like $45 and up expensive. For a mouse! So I was going to hold off. BUT I noticed that BB had a Targus Laptop bluetooth mouse that had been opened. And apparently in the past 30 days, they had been on sale for $24.99. They marked down the Open Item one to $17.99. THAT was a deal I couldn’t pass up. And if it didn’t work, I could always take it back. Well it works perfectly and I couldn’t be happier (again) with my decision to get the BT module for my laptop when I ordered it. I just love bluetooth. I think I’ve maybe mentioned that once or twice?

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