My Kevin Smith Fluff Piece . . .
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My Kevin Smith Fluff Piece . . .

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OK, earlier this week I talked about what a fan I am of Kevin Smith movies. Since his new movie, Zach and Miri Make a Porno, is coming out next week, I’ve pretty much had Kevin Smith on the brain this week. So I downloaded the latest 6 episodes of SModcast to the iPod and have been listening to them in the car. Sidenote: If you EVER want to know what guys talk about when it’s guys night out, download and listen to SModcast. I will warn you though, there are lots of swear words, so if you’re easily offended, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Today, being a tad bit bored, I searched YouTube for “Kevin Smith” and came across these two videos. It’s much funnier if you watch them in order. Kevin is a demented genius. WARNING, the second video will have swear words in it . . . so if you’re at work, you’ll want to turn down the speakers or save it for home. Enjoy:

Kevin Smith Protests Dogma:

Kevin Smith Talks About Kevin Smith Protesting Dogma:

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