$1.459 for PREMIUM gas this morning!
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$1.459 for PREMIUM gas this morning!

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While we were in Europe, there was a time when I filled up and the price was $.99 pounds per Liter. Granted that’s still nearly 4 pounds per gallon or about $5.60 a gallon. BUT while I was filling up, it was REALLY cool to watch the quantity go faster than the price. So filling up at Safeway when I got back, they had a thing on the pump that said double rewards for every $100.00 in gift cards you purchase between now and 12/31/08. Just so happens this morning I had to buy $425.00 of gift cards. So normally you’d get $0.10 off per gallon for every $100.00 you spend, or in this case $0.40/gallon. BUT with double rewards, that equalled $0.80/gallon! So Premium was $2.25/gallon . . . with my discount it was $1.45!!! It cost all of $20.00 to fill my car. AWESOME! I know it was a one time thing . . . but still . . .

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