My Home Network . . . and I don’t think I’m THAT unique
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My Home Network . . . and I don’t think I’m THAT unique

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So as I was having my geeked out weekend this weekend, (more in another post) I was looking at my home network and was amazed at what I saw. I really don’t think I’m that unique in the number of devices that I have on my network, but in all honesty, I probably DO more with them than most ever would. So here’s a quick rundown of my home network:

1. Comcast Cable “Modem” providing Internet, Cable and Phone (VoIP)
2. Linksys BEFSR81 Broadband/DSL Router with 8 port switch
3. Linksys WAP54G 802.11 Wireless G Access Point
4. Linksys WAP54G 802.11 Wireless G Access Point (serving as repeater)
5. Windows Vista Ultimate Home PC (Dell Optiplex 170L)
6. Brother MFC-8840D Multi Function Laser Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax
7. Microsoft X-Box 360 with Media Center Extender installed.

OK, here’s where I probably go off the grid a bit, but not far I imagine:

8. HP MediaSmart EX470 running Windows Home Server (With 1.5 TB of storage!)
9. Buffalo TerraStation Network Attached Storage (NAS) (The WHS above will eventually replace this)
10. Denon 4308ci Home Theater Receiver

And Occasionally:

11. Teri’s Laptop (Dell Latitude C840)
12. My Laptop (Dell Latitude D830)
13. My iPhone or iPod Touch

So that’s 13 or 14 items potentially on my network at the same time! I can honestly see “normal” people having 5 or 6 items on their network. But really, without my geeked out past life as a network and systems administrator, I’d be spending a whole lot of time on the phone with tech support managing these devices. I don’t know how normal Joe Blow consumer does it?

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