Interesting Observation . . .
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Interesting Observation . . .

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So today my computer alerted me there was a new Java update available from Sun. As I was going through the install process, up popped an offer to install the “New MSN Toolbar”. I thought this was interesting because prior to this, Sun had had a relationship with Google. I unchecked the box (Side note: I hate when by default one program chooses to install another program that you may not want or need) and hit Next. The VERY next screen was an offer to download and install Open Office.

For those of you non-geeks out there, Open Office is Sun’s FREE office productivity suite. It competes directly with Microsoft Office and will even read and write MS Office files. So on one screen you have an offer to install the MSN (Microsoft Network) Toolbar and on the very next screen you have an offer to download for FREE a competing product virtually trying to take money out of Microsoft’s pocket.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I thought it kind of funny.

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