It’s a mental thing . . .
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It’s a mental thing . . .

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Day 3 – Liquid diet

So far, the first two days have gone well. I’ve not been overly hungry and actually look forward to my tasty chocolate protein shakes. I’ve had lots of V8, both regular and spicy. I’ve had some chicken broth. I’ve had some Jell-O sugar free pudding. (OK, so the diet packet says “Sugar Free Jell-O” I can’t help it if they’re not specific) I cheated a little with a couple bites of Teri’s mashed potatoes the first night. And last night, I’m sad to admit I had a fudge brownie.

On the fudge brownie. Someone was kind enough to send me 4 fudge brownies for referring them some business. I forgot to eat even one of them before I started my liquid diet. So I felt obligated to honor their gift by eating one of them last night. Honestly, the other three are Teri’s. OK, I’m making excuses already and it wasn’t even the end of day TWO.

This is going to be a mental battle I’m going to have to fight. Last night as I was out late showing homes in Yelm and Roy, my tummy was grumbling. I was hungry. On my way out there, I stopped at home, had a protein shake, some chicken broth and some V8 Hot n’ Spicy. (Lovely combination isn’t it?) I was FULL. I mean like not even remotely hungry. But apparently my body processed all that liquid pretty quickly because within a couple hours I was hungry again. On the way home, it was all I could to to not just swing through a drive-thru and grab something. Even the pull of the Taquitos at 7-11 was alluring. And those things are NASTY.

So I know that this is going to be a mental thing. I’ve got to break my mind down and rebuild it to know that it’s time to fuel my body, not eat.

I’ve got some powerful goals set for my new body and if my mind is clouded with visions of Jack in the Box and a Baconator from Wendy’s, forget it. I’m starting to think this is what Heroin addicts go through.

On a positive note, I haven’t been cranky and have even fixed Teri food without complaint. The really interesting test will be when someone invites me out to dinner. Hopefully they can hold off for 8 – 10 weeks. 🙂 Also, I’ve been tracking what I eat on through The Daily Plate. They’ve got a cool iPhone app too that makes it really easy to track when I’m on the go. It’s really sad to see that I’m only eating about 200 – 300 calories a day. (NOTE: If you’d like to follow my progress, click here) I’m not sure how this can be healthy to do for 6 weeks, but I trust the doctor and nutritionist know what they’re doing.

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