1 Week Post Op Follow Up
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1 Week Post Op Follow Up

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I met with my Doctor’s nurse this morning to see how I was progressing after surgery. I’m happy to report everything is coming along nicely. I’m healing up and she was shocked that I hadn’t taken any pain medication in 3 days. (I have a pretty high tolerance for pain and don’t like to take medication just for the sake of taking it) I was curious going in how my blood pressure would be. I haven’t taken my BP meds for a week now. I could have been taking them, I just would have had to crush them and throw them in with a drink, but one of my big goals of having the surgery in the first place was to get off of my medications. (Yes, I know it’s probably not smart to just arbitrarily stop taking prescribed medication) So today when she read 120 over 81 as my blood pressure, I was thrilled! My blood pressure was normal without taking meds the last week! I’m going to continue to monitor it, but my HOPE is that I’m done with those for good.

I did have a “lump” next to one of my inscisions that I was slightly worried about, but turns out it’s just my “port”. The little area where they inject or withdraw saline to inflate or deflate my band. So no worries. I didn’t think I’d be able to feel it, but some have reported they can . . . I just guess I’m one of those lucky cyborgs . . . err . . . people. 🙂

My weight was down 10.7 pounds from my pre-op visit, which she seemed happy with. She cleared me to start my protein shakes again AND my vitamins. So thankfully I have that to help with the hunger pains now.

I’m hoping for another 10 – 15 pounds by my next visit in 3 weeks. Then they SHOULD clear me to start eating soft foods . . . I can’t wait!

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  • Steve Bargelt | Sep 2, 2009 at 10:28 am

    Sweet bro! Great news… I’m very excited for you.

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