Soup Goooood. Chicken Bad. 2.5 Weeks Post Op
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Soup Goooood. Chicken Bad. 2.5 Weeks Post Op

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I like to test my limits. Or I have zero willpower. I’m not sure which yet, but I’m going with the former because it makes me sound like a bad ass.

So I’m still supposed to be on a 100% liquid diet. And for about 85% of the time, I am. But it’s the last 15% that’ll get me. You see, here’s the problem with my surgery. I feel fantastic! Occasionally when I bend a certain way, I know I had surgery because of the shooting pain in the left side of my abdomen where the largest incision and my port are located. (Definitely something to bring up with the doctor on the 21st)

So earlier this week, I went to Tri-Cities for a class and hooked up with my good friend Marcus for dinner. The place we chose didn’t happen to have any really liquidy soups. So I had to improvise. They had gumbo, which had some very small bits of chicken in it and a few chunks of Adoullie (sp?) sausage. That was about the closest thing I could find to liquid on the menu, so that’s what I had. I chewed everything VERY VERY fine and it all went down without issue.

The next morning, as I was staying at the Holiday Inn Express, they have a free breakfast. (IT’S FREE PEOPLE!!!) So I thought scrambled eggs, sausage gravy and a sausage patty would be OK. And it was. Again, chopped everything up really fine and chewed and chewed and chewed it. Everything went down just fine.

At the class, they brought in pastries from Starbucks. (This is starting to sound really horrible) So during class, I had a pumpkin scone and a piece of banana bread. Same as before, small bites, chewed thoroughly. But because it was bread, I washed it down with water. (One of the things they tell you to not do is drink while eating because it has a tendancy to wash everything through the band faster, leading to your still feeling hunger) Again, everything was fine.

SO . . . this brings me to last night. Last night Teri and I went grocery shopping for dinner, I got some soup and she got a rotisserie chicken. Now in my previous life, I LOVED rotisserie chicken from either Fred Meyer or Safeway. So after I had my soup and Teri had her chicken, Teri headed off to bed and I headed for the fridge. Bad move. There was a drumstick with my name on it. And about 4.3 seconds later, I had eaten it. No thought for chewing, no thought for anything but eating that damn drumstick.

And then the pain. Like the WORST heartburn you’ve ever experienced. I could actually feel the chicken sitting in the top part of my stomach trying to figure out how it was going to continue it’s journey past the band and into my stomach. It was painful. I tried to burp, nada. I thought for a minute, it may come back up, which would have actually been a relief. But it didn’t. So I grabbed a glass of OJ and took a swig or two. Nothing. So I waited for a bit and FINALLY it started to pass the band. Some more OJ and it was all down, OR at least far less painful.

I looked at the Dog and said “Taylor, that was REALLY stupid. Why would I do this?” She cocked her head sideways and I swear said “shut up fat boy, where’s my cookie?” Or maybe I just made that up? Regardless, I won’t be having solid food again until I’m told to. It was just a plain dumb rookie move. The whole week was a binge it felt like and it’s over. Fortunately I didn’t gain any weight and I don’t THINK did any permanent damage to my band. Stupid. Human, but stupid.

In 1.5 weeks the doctor will HOPEFULLY give me the OK to start soft foods. I’m dying to work out too, need to call right now while I’m thinking about it and see if he’ll let me get into the pool at least.

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