Runervals 1.0 – So it begins…
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Runervals 1.0 – So it begins…

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This morning, I got my happy Hurlbut out of bed and headed to the YMCA. See last night I posted on Facebook that I was going to the Y to get on the treadmill. So I kinda had to do it. Despite the rain, fog and darkness of the hour, I felt compelled to get some mileage out of my new Runervals DVD. At REI last week I bought the Runervals 1.0 DVD. As the YMCA doesn’t have a DVD player near the treadmills AND I don’t have a treadmill near my DVD player, I decided to rip the DVD to my iPhone. (Seriously, everyday . . . I love my iPhone more and more!) So iPhone in tow and in Airplane mode, I hit the treadmill. This was the first time on a treadmill in easily a year+, so I wasn’t sure how I’d fare.

I started up the Runervals 1.0 video and started walking around 3.5 MPH. Runervals, as the name implies, is an interval type workout. One set at effort and the next at rest, repeat. Coach Troy Jacobson has you find a good Base Pace (BP) and then the intervals all build on that BP. For me, my base pace was 4.0 MPH, a good brisk walk. The first set he had you go for 1 minute at BP+2.0 MPH, then BP each for 1 minute and do that three times. The next set was 1 minute at BP + 3.0 MPH, then BP each for 1 minute and do that twice. After that, we maintained BP, but increased our incline to 2%, 3% and 4% each at 45 seconds. The final set was BP + 3.0 MPH AT 3.0% Incline, twice at one minute each and back to BP at 0%. I gotta tell you, the last set was KILLER!! Running at 7.0 MPH at 3.0% incline was something I never did in any of my workouts preparing for the triathlon last year.

The whole workout lasted about 35 minutes and in that time I covered 2.6 miles and burned over 500 calories. I forgot my HR strap, but using the little hand pads, I checked my HR after a couple of the faster sets and my HR after the last set was 169!!! YIKES! It’ll be fun to see my HR get lower as I get some level of fitness back.

I actually enjoyed the Runervals 1.0 workout. It actually made working out on the treadmill a little nicer. I think I’ll start cruising Craigslist for a Precor treadmill so I don’t have to have the 15 – 20 minute drive to and from the Y in the morning.

I’ll be investigating (and probably investing in) the other Runervals DVD’s in the near future.

Happily, stepping on the scale this morning, I’m only about 5 pounds off my low weight from 2008! I’ve lost nearly 60 pounds since May . . . and this running workout this morning made me confident that I will own the Triathlon next summer!

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  • Steve Bargelt | Oct 29, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    Good to know about the Runervals. I’ve owned a couple Spinervals DVD and I did like the workouts if for no other reason than the variety.

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