1st Runervals Workout in November
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1st Runervals Workout in November

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I love Fall back! It makes it SO much easier to get up earlier and get into the gym! Today I did the Runervals 1.0 workout again (Three times so far in a week). Yesterday I spent seven YES seven hours cleaning out the garage and my back was sore from all the lifting, moving, etc. But at 5:30, I was wide awake and figured I had nothing better to do, so I headed to the Y. Here’s the summary from my workout:

  • 35:00 Minutes
  • 138 Avg Heart Rate
  • 174 Max Heart Rate
  • 28:29 Time in Zone (Good sign that my time in zone is going up, that means that I’m recovering faster!)
  • 537.8 Calories burned
  • 2.70 Miles

Last week I found a set of all 7 Runervals DVD’s on Ebay for a decent price. I had most of the cost in my PayPal account, so it was an easy decision. Should have them this week! I’m looking forward to see what Runervals 2.0 has in store . . .

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