Two a day and another Runervals . . .
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Two a day and another Runervals . . .

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On Monday I posted my Runvervals 1.0 workout. Later that day, e-mailing back and forth with a couple of friends, we decided to meet at the downtown Y for another running workout on the track. So at 5:30 Monday evening, I met Steve and Nita for Nita’s interval workout. Basically 5 minutes of jogging followed by 1 minute of walking. She forgot to mention the repeat part . . . so Steve and I were surprised to learn we were going to work out for more than 6 minutes. 😉 We ended up doing I think 40 minutes?

When I get into running, like last year training for the triathlon, unfortunately I spend almost all my time on the treadmill, which is good exercise but NOT equivalent to actually running on the road, or even the track. So incorporating some REAL running into my routine will be good. My plan is basically to get into really GOOD running shape with the thought that the cycling and swimming will mostly take care of themselves. Not to say I won’t do any cycling or swimming workouts, I certainly will. I will just have a running heavy emphasis. Nothing gets me into better shape or helps me to lose weight faster than running, so I need to make that a staple while also being cognizant that I AM still a pretty big guy to be running and my knees probably can’t sustain the pounding I’m giving them at this weight for very long. The LBS have to keep coming off for this to be a viable plan.

The YMCA is having a little “contest”. Basically trying to get members in at least 12 times in November BEFORE Thanksgiving. If you make it, you get entered into a drawing for prizes, etc. So Monday I signed up. Counting the two workouts Monday and today’s workout, I’ve been in three times. Next Thursday I’m going to be out of town for 5 days, so I’ve got to get in 9 more times in roughly 17 days. Should be very doable. Also? I’m taking my running shoes down to San Diego with me with the hopes of getting some early morning runs in along the marina before my conference a couple of days. This is a first for me.

OK, summary of today’s Runervals 1.0 workout:

  • 35:00 Minutes
  • 137 Avg Heart Rate
  • 169 Max Heart Rate
  • 29:03 Time in Zone
  • 546.4 Calories burned
  • 2.71 Miles

A couple of things I’m getting from tracking these numbers.

  1. My Average heart rate is coming down. Good sign! It means that for the same workout, my heart is actually working less.
  2. My Maximum HR is also coming down. Again, heart working less for the same workout (And less of a chance I’m going to code on the treadmill)
  3. Time in zone is going UP. Because I’m recovering faster and my heart isn’t working as hard to do the same workout, it means I can stay in my ideal HR zone for longer.
  4. My mileage is going up for the same amount of time spent. This is ONLY because I’m very slightly increasing speed for some of the intervals. (The 7.0 MPH at 3.0% Grade still kicks my Hurlbut though!)

Until next time . . .

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